Paid License

Detailed explanation about the Ayo Icons pro license.

✔️ You can

  • You may use the icons for personal or commercial projects.

  • You may use the icons in documents, graphics, websites, apps, e-books, and others.

  • You may use the icons for physical or print-on-demand products. Such as t-shirts, stickers, mugs, keychains, posters, and more. You name it.

  • You may modify/edit the icons for your needs.

  • You may copy/paste the icons to your other devices, as long as it is yours.

❌ You cannot

  • You cannot redistribute/sell the icons.

  • You cannot modify/edit the icon's design so you can resell it.

  • You cannot pass/borrow the icons to other people. If they need it, they have to purchase it.

  • You cannot use the icons for a logo because an icon is not a logo.

  • You cannot embed the icons into a product that a non-license-owner can download or use the original vector icons directly. Such as HTML themes, assets library, frameworks or other products that can lead to that way. Instead, you can embed the PNG version of the icons to that kind of products.



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